Are you a bounty hunter?

How does it work?

02 The bounty is published

We publish the bounty on the Bounty Page. There you will find the list with all the bounties available, the money offered for them, what other people are already doing, etc. 

Each bounty is associated with an issue on Github. The link is attached to each bounty card.

03 Someone takes the bounty

To start a new bounty just comment on the GitHub issue saying that you are going to make it and when you are going to get it. The bounty page will be updated and it will appear as "In progress". 

No one else will be eligible for that bounty until you complete it or run out of time.

04 The bounty is completed

When that person manages to meets some of all the requirements/tasks, the bounty is complete. If only some have been met, the proportional part of the bounty will be paid.

The IFC.js team will need to be notified if a partial bounty is resolved.

Contribute in multiple ways


Complete feature request, squash bugs, and improve IFC.js performance.


Help us organize the project, manage the community, automate processes and more.


Participate in the creation of tutorials, programming courses and documentation.


Create illustrations, design pages and help us deliver the message of the project all around the world.